Consultancy and

Kapeun Limited advises and assists clients globally with key projects and strategic initiatives to enhance business value. We provide advisory services to support ongoing business operations, enable performance improvements, support financial transformation and manage risks.

Additionally, we offer our services as implementation partners to ensure business goals are met.

Our key Business Advisory service offerings include:

  • Business consulting including market research, strategy and operations
  • Financial and process consulting
  • Greenfield and brownfield projects advisory
  • Transaction advisory including M&A, due diligence, valuations, economic analysis
  • Technology and risk consulting
  • Intelligent automation and analytics
  • Strategic initiatives management and special projects.


At Kapeun Limited, we pride ourselves on the excellence of our work, we recognize that it is also our industry-leading approach to sustainable development that gives us a competitive edge. For us, sustainable development means having an unwavering focus on Zero Harm and a commitment to environmental sustainability, as well as adherence to all safety and control standards.

Farm Cultivation Services include:

Commodities and Export

Kapeun Limited specializes in the trade, export and sourcing of Agro-Allied Commodities. We ensure adherence to best international practices in the handling of commercial commodities, traceability of all our products, commitment to certifications among other control measures.

Kapeun Limited is committed to environmental sustainability and we pride in our people and partners in delivering value across the supply chain. We grow, source and export the following commodities:

  • Cocoa Beans
  • Sorghum
  • Soya Beans
  • Hibiscus Sabdarifa
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Dried Split Ginger
  • Cashew
  • Shea Nut
  • Coffee
  • Cotton
  • And so much more….

Training and Services

Kapeun Limited is poised towards delivering excellent services according to world’s best standards. We work with small-holder farmers to ensure they get fair deals and ensuring that the dictates of the Fair Trade International are employed; through trading partnerships with marginalized farmers and craftspeople in developing countries, social and economic opportunities are created for these producers in a way that more customers are accessible to their products and a better deal is issued.

At Kapeun Limited, we know that the prosperity of the communities we operate in is vital to our success. We periodically engage with our small holder farmers providing access to finance, trainings on best farming practices for improved yields, empowerment programmes and so many other Corporate Responsibility Projects.

  • Land Sale and Lease
  • Farm Inputs
  • Farm Tools and Machinery
  • Off-Takers/Sales
  • Processing
  • Exports
  • Training
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